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About us

MITAL Ltd. was founded in 1992 and since then it provides transportation and logistics. MITAL is specializing in transportation of goods to the third countries such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstanm, Serbia and  Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We provide a coplete service for our clients:

  • Storage
  • Packaging service
  • Customer service
  • Transport
  • Transport consulting
  • Training of drivers for quelification card code95
  • Training of drivers
  • Visas to the third countries

Cremona IT

Area: 1600 m2

Saint Petersburg RF

Area: 1800 m2

Sarajevo a Banja Luka BIH

Area: 2000 m2

Levice SK

Area: 3000 m2

Our services

Commited to success. Our services:



Customs services

Packaging services

Visas to the third countries

Transport consulting

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Please contact us if you have any questions. We will respond within 24 hours via email or by the phone.


We offer wide spectrum of services

We ensure all requirements of our clients, from storage, customs services to accomodation of drivers who organize teir own transportation, are fulfilled in all our warehouses.

Cremona - IT

Warehouse 1600 m2

Saint Petersburg - RF

Warehouse 1800 m2

Sarajevo a Banja Luka - BIH

Warehouse 2000 m2

Levice - SK

Warehouse 3200 m2

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Our team communicates in English, Russian, Hungarian and Serbian language.

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